Growing up from the inside out

Your inner child is the key to your emotional freedom

Inner child healing is an essential component of developing greater self-mastery and self-love. Your inner child is the vulnerable part of you who still carries pain and unmet needs from the past. If you didn't get all your needs met when you were little, the result can look like self-sabotage, relationship drama, and emotional pain in adulthood. It's not a matter of having "good" or "bad" parents. Even if you had really loving parents, you still might have had needs during childhood that were not fully met. The reality is, no parent can meet 100% of their children's needs 100% of the time. Yet, if those needs remain unmet, we end up operating from the inner child's consciousness even as adults. It's time to grow up from the inside and reconnect to personal power and deeper self -love.

Course curriculum

    1. Why Reparenting is a Essential to Healing

    1. What Exactly is Reparenting?

    1. Who Needs Reparenting?

    1. The One Who Knows How to Take Care of You

    1. How to Actually Reparent Yourself

About this course

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Do you have a wounded inner child?

We have so many needs as children, both physical and emotional. If these aren't adequately met, we will have subconscious wounds that need still need healing, even when we are adults. Here are some questions you can consider to see if inner child healing will benefit you...

  • Were you allowed to have an opinion and be yoursef?

  • Were you supported and loved when you were hurting?

  • Were you punished for having and showing emotions?

  • Did you feel unsafe at home, either physically or emotionally?

  • Were you shamed for who you are, what you do, or how you feel?

  • Did you have to take on adult responsibilities like caring for other family members?

  • Were you allowed to play, be creative, and spontaneous?

How Reparenting Can Heal Your Life

The truth is, it sucks that you didn't get all your needs met when you were little. You were worthy of that, and it was never your fault. At the same time, as an adult, it's now your responsibility to take care of that little one within. The good news is, this is completely possible, and I will teach you how. Learning how to reparent yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and will bring you new levels of love, wholeness, & the confidence to create the life you want.

Ready to take care of yourself on a whole new level?